The concert was held at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom and the cast of supporting musicians is brilliant, forever cementing The Last Waltz’s reputation as one of the best live albums in rock history. The Concert For Bangladesh, J. Geils Band Full House, Clapton Unplugged, Bowie’s David Live also deserving. Maybe not many people have bought or listened to the album, but it is without a doubt my Number One Best Album. We want to see STEPPENWOLFs Born to be Wild! Most bands suck live. More of a ‘journalists most slobbered over’ than actual, ‘best ever live albums’. ?the musical masurbaters over RORY FUCKING GALLAGHER 1974 TOUR? They have an album called Free Live but apparently it is a compilation of live performances stitched together. Robin Trower Live – the best live album EVER. Crowded House, Farewell To The World J. Geils Band’s two live albums – Full House and Blow Your Face Out are fantastic. BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert – New Order ” Take Out Your False teeth Momma, I Want to Suck On Your Gums” The Doors Absolutely Live! I think. Grand Funk Live should have made the list, and RUSH All the Worlds a Stage over Exit Stage Left. Was early Chicago greatest Hits from first three albums, played out live. A lot of great albums are not included, and some on the list are simply not so good. Woodstock, 3 of my all time favourite live albums and not a mention. WHAT …, “Live Rust from the other MR Young( Neil)- missing presumed an oversight, Where is WISHBONE ASH – LIVE DATES???? but there could have been a place for Pulse or Queen at Wembley in there. Just before Performance was released, in November 1971, Frampton, who plays some fluid and powerful solos, left the band. If you want blood…… AC-DC Upon release on May 16th, 1970, the Who’s Live at Leeds electrified the rock world like no other concert album ever had done before. Not sure it qualifies but Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention’a Just Another Band From LA is also awesome. Call me an old folkie, but Reckoning is my favorite live Dead album. Drummer Dave Grohl, who went on to form Foo Fighters, sings backing vocals on the parody song ‘Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam’. Sorry but number wise and everything else considered GFR Even blew away the Beatles. Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous Led Zeppelin is the best live band to ever exist. All in all, not a bad cross section, though. Should be on that list for Definate. Other notable omissions: Free Live, Foghat Live, JethroTull’s Bursting out, Pat Metheny Group Travels, and yes; Little Feet, Hawkwind, Skynrd ought to be in there. ELP-Welcome Back My Friends, Springsteen Live 75-85, Dylan/The Band-Before the Flood, NOW YER TALKIN’!! 6. Two great albums come to my mind, one that everyone knows and one that you would probably only know if you were from England. if Waiting for Columbus isn’t on the list….you did it wrong, the Who #1? John Mayall – Turning Point the committies that do these things really reconsider what are the greatest bands are, and where a corresponding live album fits in, like a top 100 or so greatest live album fits. Cheap Trick at Budokan… Mad Dogs and Englishmen – Joe Cocker…. I was at one of the Humble Pie shows (late show 11:30)., The best of the best It’s in my personal favourites list and Mark says alright. Shame. No Kinks? No Bob Seger live Bullet, no Hawkwind – Space Ritual, no Genesis – seconds out, no BOC – Some enchanted evening? Advertising and Music Airplay. (There’s a few other live albums that I’d definitely throw out in favor of others but this is the most obvious omission). Also agree with where’s Grand Funk! Have to agree with Rory Gallagher being in there, though Live Irish Tour 1974 is my pick. Following the demise of the brothers’ fledgling bands The Second Coming and Hourglass, Duane and Gregg Allman formed their celebrated self-titled band and, in 1971, they laid down one of the best live albums in history at the famous Fillmore East venue in New York. As well as their own early hits such as ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘Happy Jack,’ there is an extended version of ‘Tommy’. Want more Rolling Stone? Quo get no respect. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and this is mine…Keep On Rockin’. The Doors – Absolutely Live!!!!! I think not. Radio Rock On. Network Radio Stations . Half a notch. Hmm.. “We’d like to get a bit funky now,” says guitarist and singer Peter Frampton as he introduces ‘Doobie Wah’, another upbeat and joyous track on Frampton Comes Alive!, which was in the charts for 97 weeks following its release in 1976. 5. Johnny Winter And Live at Harlem Square ’63 – Sam Cooke But no Hendrix? King “Live At The Regal” 1964 Chicago at Carnegie Hall? . This list was published in Classic Rock Magazine's 2003 "The Year In Rock" issue. QUEEN – LIVE AT WEMBLEY? Where the hell is Queen? is more than just a live album!!!! So many good ones are hardly mentioned. Maybe the sales were’t there but the musicians certainly were. each band found their style throughout the 70’s (drugs were pretty rampant back then), and each cemented themselves in rock’s history. ya, good call, happy trails sums up the SF scene better than live dead. Together – Johnny and Edgar Winter Such as Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall, the original Fleetwood Mac live at the Fillmore, Ten Years After Live at the Fillmore and the Concert for Bangladesh. Frank Sinatra “Live at the Sands” Joni Mitchell “Miles of Aisles” Jackson Browne “Load Out” CSNY Way Street” ” and the list could go on, Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo, Foghat Live, J Geils Blow your Face Out, Wheres Pink Floyd Pulse 1994?? Genesis-Seconds Out or even Genesis Live. On y retrouve les jamaicains Sly & Robbie repectivement à la batterie et à la basse. De plus, la scène rock s’accoupla avec celle des hippies avec l’objectif de protester contre la Guerre du Viêt Nam et les inégalités sociales. ?……No “Band of Gypsys” by Jimi Hendrix released April 1970…?? Johnny Winter And Live classic live album. The footage of Bono carrying a white flag of peace during the song is one of the most iconic images in modern rock history. No Hendrix? Yessongs should have been included; just an oversight, I guess…. Young plays guitar and harmonica deftly as he reels off introspective songs such as ‘Sugar Mountain’, ‘I Am A Child’ and ‘Comes A Time’, then, showing his versatility, he moves to piano to deliver a haunting version of his brilliant song ‘After The Gold Rush’. Where are COLOSSEUM LIVE and JETHRO TULL BURSTING OUT? Mighty Baby – Live in the attic, Hendrix : Band Of Gypsys (Greatest live album ever) Also played the crap out of Pink Floyd Ummagumma and Johnny Winter And Live the latter one of few examples of Winter and Derringer duking it out hard to find other material with that line up. Whitesnake Live in the heart of the city from 1980 is still one of my favourite live albums. Gentle Giant / Playing The Fool Recordings of three concerts in Osaka and Tokyo in August 1972 were collated into the live double-album Made In Japan, which captures the line-up of Ian Gillan (vocals), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Jon Lord (organ), Roger Glover (bass) and Ian Paice (drums) at their explosive best. Rankings are shit! Provide shelter for some of your more shy inhabitants and keep your aquarium as healthy as possible with the addition of live rock. the only one that would be in a similar spot on my list is live at leeds. For age perspective I was young enough to see Van Halen when they were covering Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and playing at a local Masonic Hall for $3.00 a ticket to see 3 bands. The album has been known to be one of the top live albums of all time since it came out over 40 years ago. Who cares… Live sucks. 2 (forget WOF), Fuzztones Live in Europe, Husker Du The Living End, Jefferson Airplane Bless It’s Pointed Little Head, Bob Dylan Hard Rain, & Royal Albert Hall 66, Butthole Surfers Double Live, Iron Butterfly Live, Hot Tuna Double Dose, Built To Spill Live, Robin Trower Live, Aerosmith Double Live Bootleg, Derek & The Dominoes In Concert, Rheostatics Double Live, Giant Sand Goods & Services, King Crimson USA, Throwing Muses The Curse, Spiritualized Royal Albert Hall, Nirvana From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, Fugs Golden Filth. Another Kink live is missing as well: The Kinks – Live at Kelvin Hall. Who compiled this list, Ozzy? Uriah Heep live was a favorite of mine. “Band of Gypsys”……if this isn’t in the top 5, the list is illegitimate……. Just one man’s opinion.. Back In Black . Would they say what they say to your face? ‘Favorites’ lists like this are meant to be a sampling of the ‘best of ‘ according to a wide range of people with varying tastes. Springsteen – Cleveland 1978? Radio Country Live. We tried to avoid albums that are mostly overdubs (see Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps) or completely fake (the nonetheless essential Cheap Thrills from Big Brother and the Holding Company) and focused on groundbreaking moments, career-making albums and epic jams. The brave move at the time to not include any of the popular rock opera Tommy tracks played during the night onto the album gives it extra Kudos, by fans as a brave move. Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs & Englishmen I just want to mention the J. Giles Band live “Full House” as the big omission from this list. I’ve got it, and really appreciate music like that. Kev. Ted Nugent Gonzo! in concert, 1979. at least kiss made it. #italianmusic. Live At Fillmore Ten Years After.A Space Ritual Hawkwind,That Album Incredible. This author really did his homework! This used to be a travel standard in my car. Procol Harem Live – with the Edmonton Symphony Orch. In Concert (1973) and Live At The Fillmore (1994). Bands. s/b Top 100 or maybe even more ! Not a viable list without that. Rocker Art. So good. Definitely Chicago IV. A good list, although I would’ve added Wings Over America by Wings and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged. 3. ‘Toad’, which is an epic 16-minute tour de force, includes one of the finest ever drum solos from Baker. > 9) Serge Gainsourg – « Gainsbourg…et caetera »: Réedition de 2006 du concert au théâtre le palace de 79. George Clinton is a genius living among us–you people know that, right??? ! Situé au 30 Rockefeller Plaza, cette tour de 70 étages a été construite de 1931 à 1933. Saw Cream Nov 3rd 1968 Baltimore Civic Center. Can’t argue with Ten Years After either! Finally, and I can’t believe this is not on there, Bless Its Pointed Little Head. Grand Funk Railroad++Caught in the Act, Candidates have to realise that PTE Academic is totally a computer based test without ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ is in my top 5, so is ‘Alive & Dangerous’. Le webzine ROCK. Welcome To The Club – Ian Hunter Great White’s Great Zeppelin Recently played. I have almost half of these LPs, all of which I love, but this one should be on it, IMHO. Yes isnt everybodys cup of tea but Yesssongs is simply one of the best live recordings ever released. Kiss? Where is Caught in the act? The Carnegie Hall version:, Your email address will not be published. Live! J. Geils band knocked the place out, and the album came out about a month later. Rory Gallagher Live in Europe should be on there too. didn’t see Robin Trower Live ! You include Peter Frampton but leave out Van Morrison’s “It’s Too Late To Stop Now”? King Crimson – The Night Watch & Absent Lovers If You Want Blood You Got It (AC/DC) – saw them live on this tour.. Just my opinion of course. Live albums should reflect the feel of the concert, for me Ten Years After – any live album Paul Rodgers is still alive and is one of the greatest rock vocalists ever (in my humble opinion), and Paul Kossof was a truly gifted (but troubled) lead guitarist who died early. Does no one check these things before you publish them? You don’t have to put it at #1 (although it deserves to be) but not including it here simply shows how ignorant the writer is. All new music, a masterpiece. The Educational Psychology CLEP test gives college Iron Maiden? Some of these are not true live albums ie Kiss Alive..overdubs of crowd noise etc.. I would agree with most but leaving Jimmi Hendrix, aside is a serious mistake, others left outside, Traffic, Johnny Winter,AC/DC,Genesis, Eric Clapton, the Doors (Absolutely Live, got to be ranking among the very 5 first) Tina Turner, Roxy Music David Bowie and more contemporary Guns & Roses.This is just mentioning a few MIA, Do your homework better. I have the cd of the Hull concert from the following evening and it isnt a patch on the Leeds recording. Many great albums on this list….they all deserve to be here…can’t imagine “Frampton Comes Alive” not being #1….its impact is unmatched…there was a time when anywhere you went you would hear it…. 08 No Milk Today. The guitarr-intro to the show is classic! “Live” – Colosseum Pretty clear a larger list would include many of the other highlights as noted by others too. Props for including Johnny Cash! ufo strangers in the night? If you haven’t heard it do your self and soul a favor!! It is the main biological nitrification base or filter . No Last Waltz but Frampton comes live. YouTube's live music selection just got a massive shot in the arm: Music Vault has added over 12,000 clips from classic rock gigs, many of them full concerts, that you can watch for free. Écoutez Radio Best of Rock en direct sur FINALLY! I liked and preferred all the Cream live albums, I always though they had a totally different sound live. Del Amitri, Into the mirror, live 2014. No Alchemy: Dire Straits Live? Definitely some great albums missing. Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live? To have Kiss any where near this list of great bands is ridiculous. No one mentioned King Crimson Earthbound though bootleggy in quality interesting period for that band. That’s why the majority of these lists are a joke. Sadly the list is a rather predicatable one which almost by default feels that certain artists have to be there. Dylan & the Band in England Would have put Rainbow On Stage on the list too. Gary Moore – We Want More , No Derek & the Dominoes??? Everybody has different views as to what should be on there. Hard to find, it got dropped from his catalog but it’s his best album, I think; it’s REALLY good. what about wishbone ash live dates or ten years after live? Lol. Concerts. 2 (or higher) has zero taste. No Jimi Hendrix live Woodstock or.Band of Gypsies. TURN IT UP!!!!!! Queen – Live Killers should definetly have made the list. Seconds Out (Genesis) HAWKWIND – SPACE RITUAL. Who did this? Not cheap thrills, I meant the live at winterland. Deep Purple at nr 13? This is a great list and I know everything can’t be included, but how do you miss .Lynyrd Skynyrd? glad to see LIVE/DEAD.made it. Some I’d like to have seen on the list -What do you want from Live – The Tubes, Moonflower – Santana, Live in the Air Age – Be-Bop deluxe or any of the numerous Frank Zappa ‘Live’ Albums (albeit he used tons of overdubs, but hey Live & Dangerous made the list), How about Derek & The Dominos at Fillmore East? But to leave out LOU REED’s “Rock & Roll Animal” (1974) is positively criminal!!! “Live At The Star Club, Hamburg.” In 1964, backing JLL was The UFO Strangers In The Night? Absolutely Grand Funk Live deserves to be on this list, somewhere! certainly not t my face. Yes, Nirvana is rated too high in general. One of the memorable fashion statements of 80s pop was David Byrne’s “big suit”, and the showmanship of Talking Heads was in full flow on their live album Stop Making Sense. Merch Store. Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs & Englishmen Ridiculous! Live in Europe and Irish Tour much better. This 1984 concert film and its soundtrack (the first rock movie made using entirely digital audio techniques) showed why this edgy, intelligent band were such fun. No Parliament ‘Live: P. Funk Earth Tour’, nor James Brown ‘Live At The Apollo’. Top 5 psych live albums: where the hell is “SUPER SESSION LIVE” by JUAN DELA CRUZ BAND. 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