2. Compatibility: Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Pros: Multiple file formats. Boostnote.io Used it for a while until I switched to Notable. This is one feature I would love to see in Boostnote in future. It has good markdown support which includes tables, lists and code blocks. Boostnote provides a live-preview option like VS Code and Bear, and it also offers support for auto-formatting Markdown tables and embedding images with drag/drop actions. The built-in editor is Monaco Editor, the same one VS Code uses, this means you get things like multi-cursor by default. They just released version 2, but it … The previous version was a bit slow. You will need to manually transfer data from the old-Boostnote to the new-Boost Note (Just a few seconds! Notable is an open-source Markdown-based note-taking application that works in Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. IMHO Notable is better than Boostnote for the following main reasons: - It supports attachments, sooner or later you are going to need to add an image or pdf to a note. The editor itself is pretty basic. I am using version 1.9.0-alpha.19, so this might be an issue with this version, but generally speaking, I will create a new note, add tags, take my notes by opening the note file in VS code (ctrl+alt+o), save the file in VS code, will confirm that the note updates in Notable, then close out Notable. The price, however, could be prohibitive on a student budget. Proper editor: Notable doesn't use any WYSIWYG editor, you just write some Markdown and it gets rendered as GitHub-flavored Markdown. Verdict. Notable provides a very powerful Markdown editor, the same as VS Code, so it has built-in features like multi-cursors, a minimap, and best-in-class syntax highlighting; There is no reference to the supplier: notes and attachments are stored on your disk. I'm finding it difficult to transition over to using Noteable because of the attaching process of images to be much more time intensive. Boostnote names them a random hash and automatically adds a ! If you are a developer, “BoostNote” should be your preferred option. Boostnote is an open-source note-taking app built for developers. Evernote. ). ... BoostNote. It’s also possible to embed video links in your notes using an iframe like so: Thank you to all the users who have used Boost Note for a long time! So you cannot save screenshots as part of your note. [asdf1234](asdf1234.png) tag right where my cursor was. It uses a straightforward side by side editor. Boostnote is a novel concept. For me, inline editors such as Typora and Bear offer a better note-taking experience. Most note taking app doesn’t focus solely on programmers so Boostnote is trying to carve a niche for itself here. Notable has a pretty user interface and it features: Markdown editor, the same one VS Code uses. The previous version was a bit slow. The most important reason people chose Atom is: Overview: Evernote is a cross-platform note-taking app that’s great for processing hand-written notes and clipping articles from the web. Notes are written and rendered in GitHub Flavored Markdown, no WYSIWYG, no account required, no proprietary formats, and the app isn’t bloated. Another notable feature of this app is that it allows you to import your address book from several services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google, and iCloud. I'm comparing Notable with Boostnote in the comparison table [1] in the readme, you might want to give that a look. Unlike OneNote, Boostnote doesn’t support images. When comparing Atom vs Boostnote, the Slant community recommends Atom for most people.In the question“What are the best Markdown editors for Windows?”Atom is ranked 7th while Boostnote is ranked 19th.
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